And then I had eyebrows again!

This Saturday I finally had my eyebrows tattooed. Drove 6 hours to Edmonton to a lady who has done it for over a decade, specializing in people with hair loss. I am very pleased. They look very natural. I'm nervous about treating them properly as they heal and spent a lot of time selecting the right person to do it, but I am so glad I did. $400 well spent. It's funny - everyone has advice about aftercare - the lady said to just put some Vaseline on them for a few days and not rub or scratch them and keep them moisturized while they heal. Other people have advice...and I should really read the aftercare instructions they gave me too (I forgot and put it in my purse but just realized didn't read them yet...oops).

It makes such a huge difference to have eyebrows again...they really define your face...and to not have to try and draw them on anymore? It's gonna be so nice. I don't have those skills really and now I don't have to worry about it for years.

Got in a good visit with friends as well in Edmonton even with my red sore face on saturday so I am pretty happy about the whole experience. I am pleased!


grapecat said...

and what beautiful eyebrows they are!! You look lovely xxxx

solarity said...

Very expressive eyebrows!

Mary Anne in Kentucky