I feel like a snake

My brows have entered the peeling uneven color healing stage...I am so curious to see the intensity of the final color on my brows and if I need a touch up. My left brow has a few places peeling...and it looks way lighter under...so it's patchy. I am unsure if it will stay that color under once the rest peels or if that is how it will be or if the color will come back a bit as it heals. Apparently it'll take about 6 weeks to settle in color wise. I have no idea and everyone heals up differently, so I have to wait and see. She said she went lighter and that it would heal up lighter than the initial tattoo so that if I wanted a touch up with darker color we could touch it up since you can't go backwards...It makes sense, but I have come to like the darkness (muahahaha...that just sounds so emo) so I suspect I'll be back for a darker touch up.

It's very amusing to see people who don't know me try to not look at my face and pretend they aren't looking at things as they talk...before it was like they knew something was different and couldn't put their finger on it. Now it's cuz they're sort of peeling and don't look very even anymore...it was like when I was bald and people were all faux nonchalant about it. I don't mind talking about it after everything I've been through but people assume I don't want to. It's amusing. Social experiments are fun :P

It's fracking itchy tho. Overwhelmingly so. I have been really good at not rubbing or scratching and I am not touching it, other than to put lotion on occasionally. I just wanna see the final version!!!

Tonight I'm going to go over to a new friend's for supper. Girl supper. Working to cultivate friendships with people I admire. J is also going out with another group of friends since an old friend is in town jsut for the weekend and is getting together with people tonight...I don't know him as well so hopefully he doesn't take it personally. J is looking forward to it and is happy to be invited out with people. Trying to find a balance between building new friendships and keeping old ones...especially with J.

So much to learn.


azusmom said...

It's funny, as a kid you think that the adults know it all. Then you become an adult and realize that the older you get, the more there is to learn. :)

JavaChick said...

Have not been by your blog in a bit and had to scroll down to see what the eyebrow thing is all about. Your picture looks really good! Hope you are happy with it when it all heals up.