a fungus among us

I can't focus today. I forgot my brain pills. J woke up in a sad mood and offered to walk to work with me which you would think would be a good thing but ended up in a long talk about issues he has been having lately and me hearing about all the things I've done that haven't helped. A nice happy start to my day...sigh. I am glad we could talk in a safe place and discuss things but it's hard to take that first thing in the morning.  Scattered and focusing on sad things. Great say so far...not.

After waiting to see a dermatologist about the stupid rash I got in the Radium hot springs back in fall of last year (yeah...delays for non-critical things are ridiculous) I have finally had my appointment with her. I have (I hope) a cream to make the fungal things from the pool go away. I am also glad to hear that it is not any kind of weird cancer thing. I have read that her2+ cancer can come back as a skin cancer and was secretly paranoid that maybe this was that since it hadn't gone away fully after all this time...but the doc I saw assured me it was not. She (sadly) has seen that occur and knows what it looks like...and I am not dealing with that. So there is that -I am not suffering from some bizarre and rare skin cancer. I've never been so happy to have a fungal infection in my life.

But I shoudl go and try and work. J has offered to bring me my brain pills and some coffee money and a hug. Maybe I can salvage this day after all.


azusmom said...

I hope the day got better.
And I hope the fungus clears up fast.

Yum Yucky said...

Hi Geo! It's been too long since I've stopped by. My aunt once got a really bad mysterious skin problem after going into a a wave pool at a water park. I always thought the chlorine in the water handled that, but I guess the super fungus sometimes wins. I'm glad you're not dealing with anything more serious than that. And please, lady, keep those brain pills close. Love you always!!!