Nothing is everything

I am over the moon. I finally went to see the "best breast" guy in Saskatoon about my fat grafting to finish up my breast reconstruction. It took months to get in to see him...and he spent a lot of time with me answering questions and then told me that my best bet would actually be to go back to my original plastic surgeon because he had far more experience in what i need done. I liked the guys so if he's recommended to me then I was happy to go back to him - so I called up their office and he fit me in right away for a consult that week.
I went to see him this thursday morning before I left for the weekend for the comic convention with my friend Heather in Calgary (Which was SO much fun. Visited my sister. Got geeky. It was cool....another post for that I think...gotta show my geeky pictures!!). I'd been psyching myself up for the surgery and all that and Dr. Laliberte said that he could definitely help me even things out although it might take two goes at it to get the best results (ugh) but that recovery time as about a week, so it wouldn't be too bad. He remembered me and chatted with me a bit and answered all my questions. He really cares about his patients and it shows.
And then I sucked it up and asked him to hit me with the cost and he said ...."nothing". I blinked and probably looked like a fish out of water and said "excuse me?" and he said "It's nothing. I donate my time and cover the costs for this because I firmly believe that this should be a part of treatment recovery so I am making sure that it is done at no cost to you." I was in tears as I thanked him and signed my papers. All systems are go.
So I'm on the wait list for it now - I'm hoping to get it done before the end of June, but if not then I will ask to have it in the fall after my summer adventures. Yup. It's happening...and it's free. I am stunned to be honest.

I am truly blessed to have the caring team I do looking after me. Crossing my fingers there is a cancellation and I van get fit in right away!! :)


grapecat said...

that's brilliant!! xxxx

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Mary Anne in Kentucky

Peter T Chattaway said...

Awesome news, Geosomin.

JavaChick said...

This is so wonderful! Sounds like an amazing doctor.

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