OF Day 6

Sunday was a day of rest, but I still ate well. We ordered in chinese but I had special wonton soup - nom. I have some salad rolls for lunch. Mmmm.....

I was up to workout this morning. The last of the first week of cardio focused workouts. 3 rounds of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest of:
-side to side out and in football shuffles.
-burpees with the sandbag overhead raise instead of a jump
-Rocky foot taps
-stand up from kneeling (alternate legs) holding a weight over your head.

Man - some things I thought would be simple were super tough this morning - I had to take off my vest half way through and the last of the 4 exercises was holding weight above your head and standing up from a kneeling position. The instructor held the 20 Lb sandbag over her head. I tried that - and could not even do 1 with the vest on. So I went down to two 5 Lb dumbells for a bit...and then took off my vest...and then was down to one dumbell....and then none at some points... with just me panting and working to get to a stand up. I admit I felt kinda wimpy, but you do what you can - I wanted to push myself but I didn't want to hurt myself and my knees are finally happy again so I'll have to work on this. I wasn't sure if it would have been better to do a few really hard ones or a lot of simpler ones. What would you all do in that situation? For me I figured something was better than nothing/very little...but yeah. Solid panting workout. I also did the warm up, cool down and extra burnout 6 minute workout that you get with Sweatflix. It made the workout twice as long, but was good for me since I never stretch out or warm up enough...and after me having to dial down the one exercise it was nice to have an extra burnout sessions you get with each workout  to try again at so I felt a bit better about things. My watch says I only burned 220 calories, which is a bit odd, since the full on crazy tabata class on wed was only 281 calories...I am wondering if my unnaturally low heart rate confuses my watch...or my old watch just gave elevated results. Time will tell I suppose. At least I remembered t turn on my watch today. I keep forgetting...I was happy to step on the scale today and see it a bit below 125 so all my diligence is at least doing something...I keep forgetting to take measurements or a photo for starting reference. Tomorrow. For sure.

Now it's off to a busy day and a haircut after work- I'm pretty scruffy so I am looking forward to a trim up. It's another stupidly cold day so no walking for me. I was listening to a podcast this AM and it was talking about exercise research into how walking and other base fitness building exercises are linked to greater creativity. Interesting...I wonder if it's because you have the time to think during it or it just gets the positive endorphins going so you're more positive and open to that kind of thinking? I wonder....

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