OF Day 5

Day 5. I'm doing it. Yesterday, Day 4, was a test. It was a friend's birthday party and she is the queen of good beer and snacks, but I still kept up with clean eating...quite frankly I'm surprised. I had one light beer (Canadian 67 IPA) and snacked on the healthy snacks at the party like veg and hummus and stuck to diet pop otherwise. I did my daily workout too.
This morning I'm up with a healthy breakfast and lots to do but it's fuelled me to really keep at this. I plan to do a bunch of work in the kitchen tonight so we may order food in, so it will be a test for me, but I really want to do a solid month, no compromises and get it done to kick these last few pounds. Day by day. I just signed up for Sweatflix for 30 day free trial so we'll see how that goes...

Now I have a cat in my lap and I'm scheming for the day to come. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I plan to :)

How I feel after a great workout :)

If you go to thinking, take your heart with you. If you go to love, take your head with you. Love is empty without thinking, thinking hollow without love.
C. G. Jung.

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