OF 7

This morning I did the workout 5 of the series. Solid workout. I could keep the vest on the whole time for this one and I could do all of the moves so I felt pretty badass by the end of it...I forgot to turn on my watch again until over half way through, so I don't have an accurate log of things.

Today at work I got to attend a workshop with a few exercises to help reduce stress. It was very relaxing and I have a few new ideas about how to spend some time when I'm happy to build associations in my mind for when I am stressed out so that I have some happy places to go to when I really need them.

It's another stupid cold day today. -41 with the wind and -30 without. Brutal. I just keep reminding myself that the cold kills the big bugs and spiders...yeah that's it. With the right gear (which I have) you can deal with the cold...but I don't have to like it. I try not to whine about it (much) since it happens every year, and we're due for another cold snap like this before the spring wanders in, but dayum - let's just say that when your eyeballs start to freeze so you want to dig out your snowboard goggles just to walk to the bus it makes you question your life choices :P

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azusmom said...

Love the photo! :)
And you ARE badass!

Here's hoping for warmer temps soon.