OF day 3

This morning I was up to do day 2 of the Bodyrock Intermediate Bootcamp with a few extra exercises after and a good stretch. 4 exercises - 50 sec on and 10 sec rest repeated 3 times. Tough and it fits into my schedule in the morning. I took the weighted vest off half way through - you wouldn't think that an extra 6 lbs would make such a difference but wow...it really does. I had to stop and breathe sometimes but I am determined to do my best and do the whole 30 days of the bootcamp and see what happens. I keep forgetting to start my HR watch at the start of a workout so I miss some workout data, but I will try to remember. I am a bit stiff but it's getting better. February is normally the gloomiest month for me so I am determined to change that by doing stuff to help me feel better. When I can't walk to work it really messes with my head and although I can walk the odd time right now, most days are like today where it's just too damn cold (with the windchill it's -31).

I'm thinking I will sign up for a free month trial of Sweatflix to get the extras and see if I like it. It's only $10 a month after...and yeah, I'm worth that. That's 5 cups of coffee. There are a lot more workout options for me and my new gear that way. There are also some great warm ups and cool downs and I'm all over that. Plus I can download workouts this way if I'll be away from the internet and need a few workouts. That's a cool option.

This morning I put a raw egg in my fruit smoothie and I couldn't tell it was there. I'm thinking I'll continue to do it since I don't have any protein powder right now. Once I can get to Costco I can get some but if I want to build muscle I need to feed my body fuel. A plus side effect of my brain drugs is that they curb my appetite so I feel less snacky which helps late at night when I'm usually holding the fridge door open trying to find something to nibble on. They have really been working.

As Jack would say - "For the first time since I really don't know when I feel just like my old boney self again...."

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