OF day 2- better living through chemistry

Tabata class last night was awesome. I had a long hot bath after and don't feel too stiff...so far. This AM I got up and did the Bodyrock Intermediate Bootcamp #1 and am starting the day off right.

Today, after a week of fighting with computer software to build websites for everyone I am glad to have some time in the lab. Set up two Sharepoint sites and built a full website for my 2 lab clusters in Cascade that should be filled with info by the end of the week. I had to learn these things to do this work so it's been a long haul - so nice to have actual results to show for all my work.

I'm back baby! It is great to be able to focus enough mentally now to do this kind of detailed work, but my brain is tired. I am so happy that it can be this way again. I have my brain back at least in the areas of focus and alertness. My memory for some things is still a bit vague...but it's better than it was.

Life is slowly getting better too. Some things are still frustrating (like how do you bring up your own worries and problems with a depressed spouse without depressing them further...sigh) but in a lot of ways things are improving. I still get frustrated at a lot of things and I need to talk to J about doing some more things around the house when he is more level, but for now I'm not too stressed out. It'll do. Work in progress.

Off to science stuff. Later taters.

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