Jeepers. It's been a while. Sorry. I've just been doing stuff and work has been crazy, so I haven't really stopped by...I am well. Workouts have been good and regular. I'm feeling stronger. The weekend away with the girls was a tonne of fun and it's been a really good few weeks. I feel like I'm building a circle of's cool.

One funny memory from the last week just popped into my mind. J and I have been making a conscious effort to try and go out and meet with people and do more so that he gets out of the house more (working from home can be literally crazy making for him it would seem) and we had made a date with a few friends to go for wonton soup tuesday night. Both friends eneded up having a horrible day - one had a surprise exam to study for and the other spent the afternoon cleaning up water in her basement so neither of them really wanted to go out for supper so they cancelled= totally understandable. So I thought it'd be sweet to pick up some soup and leave it at their place as a surprise so they could have soup and still do their things in peace. We picked up take away soup and salad rolls and snuck into their place and left their soup on their table...and when we got home we realized that the restaurant we went to packs up it's wonton broth separately from the soup contents -  soooooo we only had left them containers of broth and had their wontons and stuff. Heheh...oops. They were still happy we thought of them and tossed in some noodles and we got extra wontons, but it was pretty hilarious all around. So yeah - I learned that I need to go to soup fairy school.

This weekend I"m going to Edmonton to visit a very old friend Cindi - she and her husband are separating after 20 years of marriage and she's just moved out and moved into her new place. We're gonna hang out and she can vent and we can go out and eat and drink and let some friendship love heal each other's hearts for a bit. I've been waiting to get out there for over a month now and I can't wait. J is driving out with me and will be hanging out with some people over the weekend and lining up some work for the summer. Can't really afford to go, but Cindi has always been there for me...she came to see me to make christmas cookies while I was home on chemo and has always been a good friend. I miss her and I really like being able to keep in touch with her now with things like Snapchat.Technology can be pretty cool sometimes.

Anyways - I am in the midst of planning a Research Day for my 2 laboratories on March 3 and building a website so I've got a tonne of work to do here at work. We ordered custom nerdy lanyards! I only have 30 posters to proof and print, catering to organize, books and nametags to print and judges to find. Eep.I should go.
Have a good weekend!!!

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