That time when I howled at the moon

Last night I didn't sleep well at all and got to sleep late. I tried to get up to workout but the little bit of extra sleep was needed. I did walk to work this morning though, so there is that. It was only (ha) -15 so I bundled up to get a little activity in. I I can sneak in some isometric work at lunch in my office I'll do some strength stuff, but I'm not gonna get worked up about it. I've been so spot on all month it seems weird to cheat out...but that is life. Things happen. What matters is your life and how you keep going :) My barometer pants are fitting better again so I'm getting back in shape... I feel better about that.

This weekend I'm going away with a crew of girls that I've been getting to know at one of their cabins for a girls weekend. There will be a full moon and fires and cards and snow hikes and possibly some full moon howling...I really hope it is a fun time. I'm a bit nervous, since I'm mostly comfy with them, but still not sure where I sort of fit in...but I am  quite happy to be invited. I've been slowly getting to get to know this crew for a while. They're all amazing people and I feel happy to have been invited. Oh the mind games of youth huh? How they linger. I still have to remind myself that yes people do like me and no they aren't just doing this so they can be mean later or feel pity for me...truth is I still find most girls genuinely confusing -but these women are my kinda I feel different about them. And, it turns out, that yes, it's quite likely that they really do like me as well. I have a shortage of girlfriends in my life and surrounding myself with a bunch of strong creative women who really build each other up is a really good thing at this point in my life. It's gonna be a full moon with a partial lunar eclipse and some comets. And snow. I hope we'll get on some late night winter hikes. The weather should be around -10 or so, which is nice for outdoor stuff. So yeah...It should be a fun time.

We're all in charge of 1 meal and mine was (at a request) my baked french toast. Easy peasy. I hope to try and be healthy this weekend and not throw all my hard work out the window - we'll see. I'm just looking forward to a fun weekend of just doing what I wish with no stress and deepening some friendships. I feel a bit bad as J is quite jealous. He says guys don't do this sort of thing enough...and perhaps that's true. He is better friends with a lot of the women in this group and thinks this would be a perfect weekend and would hide in my bag to come along if he could. A few of the guys who are partners of the women going up have invited him over for a beer and to hang out but I don't know if he'll go...he's a funny duck that way - he's like I am with guys - he gets along better with women, so he's never sure how to hang out with "just guys".  Plus, he sometimes decides that he doesn't want that and just needs to be alone. I get that. I made up some hummus and guacamole for him so he won't live on bagels and cereal while I'm away so he and the cats will be fine.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I'm off to do some science and then run away to the woods and howl at the moon with some witch folk :)

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