Holy crapcans. Talk about a level up. This is definitely a tough one. Especially those switch lunges...I can't do even 1/4 of them yet and mostly just did moving lunges without the jumps instead...whew. My pushups are pretty much all on the knees too - but I'm doing it. All of it. Boom. Something new to do finally. This will carry me almost up to christmas. With all the festival meals and such I'm invited to over the next while I definitely need this :)

Last night I hung out and made a TONNE of chocolates with my friends.

just a few heheh
Nut ones. Mint ones. Skor bit ones. Belgian and regular chocolates. Nerd ones (Han Solo in carbonite, robots, stormtroopers along with santas, bows and trees). So - yeah. I have many now to give out to my staff and family (and myself ahem). It was a tonne of fun and great to catch up with my friends.
May I recommend the stormtrooper mint crunchies? :P

We're gonna make it an annual thing...more fun than gingerbread houses...and more edible. L's mom used to do it often so she has all her mom's molds and a wealth of knowledge about how to make them.  :)

Must dash - gotta go get some work done - busy day! I just wanted to log my workout.

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