Last one!

Last day of  workout 2 this morning! Yay! Still to damn cold to walk to work! Boo!
Ah well...such is winter. I will take the bus and deal with it...still no snow tho. It's weird.
I had some pizza for supper last night which wasn't the best, but it was grocery day and by the time we got all our food and put it all away I didn't feel like making anything so frozen pizza to the rescue. Butter chicken pizza....seriously good. I know I know I should try and eat better...

Today my old boss is taking me out for lunch with the old crew for christmas to the University Club - should be fancy shmancy. I even sorta dressed up a bit for it. Ooh lala! It's gonna be a good day. Tonight I'm getting together with my pals H and L to make some chocolates and watch christmas movies and visit. I have chocolate robot molds and L has stormtrooper and christmas ones. It's gonna be AWESOME. We don't get to see each other much so it's gonna be neat being able to hang out for a bit before holidays. I can give them the star wars themed soaps I found them for christmas gifts. :)

Also, on the local buy and sell facebook page I found a lady who is gonna sell me her basically new bright yellow winter jacket for $100. I'm super pumped about current jacket is almost 5 years old and wearing through in spots - it's been washed so often that it's not very warm anymore. And bright yellow? Boom. I'm going to pick it up after work today - hopefully I don't get mugged or anything. I'm always suspicious meeting people for stuff online - but H will be with me so hopefully all will go well and I can get a decent coat for winter at a price I can afford. Crossing my fingers it fits. It's a ladies medium so I don't see why it wouldn't...

Anyways -I should go. We're moving and calibrating some lab equipment today and I should get to it. Have a great day everyone :) 

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