Tuesday Dec. 6

Yup - I was up this morning again and did the workout. I didn't sleep in even tho I wanted to so very much. Just once more day of #2 and I can  move on to #3. Hallefrickenluyah. Altho - I'm just getting to the point where I can do it all now with no rest...so I suppose that means it's time to move onto the next level. It was too cold this morning to walk to work (-30 with the windchill) and I missed my walk but that's just too damn cold to be out for 45 minutes...less wind and I might consider it maybe, but I have no desire to walk in 35 Kph winds. No thank you.

Last night I watched an old favorite movie - So I Married an Axe Murderer. Still makes me laugh...My J looked so much like Mike Myers in that movie when we met. Yep...adorable.

BUT -I must dash. Much to do. Tonight is grocery night so we'll be stocking up on healthy foods and baking materials. AND we're supposed to get snow today finally. It's been the brownest holiday month in decades this year...the cold came but without the snow it's just not right.

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