It's beginning to look a lot like christmas

Well this weekend I had a lot of fun with friends (and not much sleep!!) and still managed to get my Christmas tree up. I didn't work out on the weekend because I was so busy, but I had a good time. It was J's grandma's Christmas family lunch on sunday so I got my fix of cabbage rolls and other goodness, but it's back to healthy today again. I slept in this AM since I got so little sleep on saturday night and hope to workout tonight when I get home. I did walk in to work so I have some exercise going so rarely offers me a bounty of fun with friends so I take it whenever it's offered. I'll be back to it all tomorrow morning again. Soo I can move on to workout #3...That'll be fun.

I am curious to see how the cats deal with the tree - last year we only put up a 2 foot tree and they didn't bug it too much. They were very uninterested compared to our old pair. So far they seem interested in sleeping on the cover I put at the base of the tree so I hope that's all they get up to. We bought a flickery white light to shine on the house and I have 3 penguin lights out by the front step taht I got last year so I'm pumped - I feel like Christmas is here finally. Sunday was a lazy day with an old friend popping by out of the blue on his way through so it was great to just hang out and have company while I christmasized the house. I just have the clock to decorate and I think I've got it covered. I even have lights at my desk at work and a little 1 foot tree up on my filing cabinet.

I love Christmas :)

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Yum Yucky said...

Cabbage rolls sound good! We put up our tree last week and the dang cat got stuck in it. She had to be rescued. The cat is a menace. Even worse than my husband.