The early bird gets the sweaty sports bra

Can't sleep in so I got up and got my workout of the way. Just sipping some coffee and having my breakfast now. Whew -Day 2 of the 30 day shred is HARD. Evil woman...I had just gotten used to the first one. Oh well - I suppose that's the whole point isn't it? It is done.

I've got lots of chores to get to today to get the yard ready for winter and a bit of tidying indoors too. Then I plan a bit of reading in a chair with my cats. Tonight a friend is having an Arbonne party - I'm going just to hang out. I have no intention of buying anything - I spent my monies on winter boots but feel like a visit. After I'm heading over to H's house and we're gonna have one last slumber party at her house with her family (play Tomb Rider, watch movies and visit all night like old times) before it goes up for sale on monday. I'll get home tomorrow right around when J does. Should be fun.

But - I should get to it. Have a great saturday!!

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