Bye Bye Day 1

This AM was the last of the Day 1 one of the 30 Day Shred. Woot! Tomorrow I try something new. :) Happy to say it's been working though - my pants are starting to fit much better now. Less muffin top. Less clapping of my butt cheeks when I do jumping jacks (TMI? Sorry not sorry hehehe...)

This AM I grated an apple into my oatmeal and it was pretty damn tasty.  I'll have to try it again. Tonight I plan to make something weird and elaborate for supper...likely involving fish and beets and a few other things J doesn't care for. Then I have a date with my craft room again. I did a bit of work on it last night but it needs a few hours of serious attention to get things organized. Then a movie with the cats and a well earned Canadian 67 IPA. It's gonna be a good chill friday.

Last night I had a pretty good consumer experience. I hate crowds, but a  few stores I know had their Black Friday sales starting a day early so I wandered downtown after work to hunt for a few specific things that I have been looking for for a while since I knew there would be sales and found them all. Lined leather gloves on sale for $10 - score. They aren't ideal, but they block the wind better than the cheap knitted gloves I've been wearing until now. I also picked up pair of new winter boots I've been looking at for a while (Sorel knockoffs  that are actually way more comfy than Sorels and have a removable liner that are rated to -40C) - they were marked down to $60 so I just caved and picked them up. I knew I (and my feet) would regret it if I didn't. I have a pair of winter boots but they're not waterproof, so there are times when I can't go out without soaking them and freezing my feet...until now heheh. I love to walk in the slorchy spring melt and these will be so good for that. I even found a pair of 14K white gold hoop earrings for $30. I've wanted a nice pair of simple earrings for a while now (I only have my original piercing studs from when I was 12 plus a few cheap studs from Ardenes that aggravate my ears) but couldn't bring myself to spend a tonne on them because they're earrings and really...I tend to lose and break things. So this was a happy find.

So yeah - I'm broke now but very pleased. Like Christmas came early. And in a few days I can start putting up the decorations. Meep.

And I should really get to work...break's over. Have a good weekend all you peoples :)

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