Still going -whaddaya know?

Twas a good weekend. Had fun with friends and got a lot of stuff done around the house. One major thing was to use the new jewelry box my dad built me (it's gorgeous) and put all my jewelry in one place instead of all over the room in random piles. I found the last Ben Aaronovitch book behind the head board (?? no idea??) -I've been looking forward to finish reading it for ages but couldn't find it. Tidying can be a good thing it seems.
I made a slow cooker of ham potato coconut soup for lunches this week so I'm set for good food for the week and after a nice sunday off without workouts I was back to it this morning again. Level 2 completed. I will see this through to the end...tough workout. But I'm noticing changes. It's encouraging.
Today we go pick up the new cargo van and I'm gonna hunt about for some cyber monday deals for potential gifts. I am trying to work with bodyrock tv ot get my order with them corrected. My mum in law kindly offered to buy me a bundle of gear for christmas on their crazy weekend sale, but their email link put me through to their american order site, so I was billed in american dollars and not canadian...and oddly enough that means that when you do a currency conversion it ends up being about $90 more Canadian. Weird...I noticed it saturday morning when I was hunting through the site...I've emailed their customer support to ask them to correct this. Their email link is what screwed me up. If I'd just gone to the site normally I'd have been fine so I hope they correct it. I mean it's her money but still - that'increases the overall price of the kit by ~1/3 and it's a problem from their end if you ask me. Now that I know this issue exists I can look for it, but the order is placed.
Anyhoo...I should be off. Things to do. Sciency things. Listening to the new Garbage album on youtube at my desk...they were old faves back in 2000...and this new album is pretty good. A good break from the vapid pop crap that seems to permeate the current music scene. Nice and dark...Shirley Manson's voice is glorious.
But I digress...Later taters.

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