It's true what they say - dress for success and it will find you.
I dressed up a bit today and I just feel better. More professional. More adultey. Being a manager it helps when I feel this way. I think it's gonna be a good day.

I got up and did the 30 day shred workout again. Tough, but I did it. I'm a bit stiff today in wierd places (mostly from the chest flys - I have implants under my pecs now so it feels....wierd...). I didn't overeat much at the potluck (which was a lot of fun - we've really gotten to know some neat new people the last 6 months or so) and today is another planned day of eating. It should go well I think.  My Daddyo is in town for a visit tonight because he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning so we'll have a nice visit with him.

Time to get busy. I have to build a website and update some documents in the next few weeks. Time to use my brain. I hope it still works...

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