I mixed up my weeks and it turns out J is here all week and weekend. It's next week he is away. Yay. And we were invited to a potluck at a new friend's house so it's nice to have somewhere to go and be invited out. Talking to people and stuff. Hmmm. Yeah I can do that.

This AM, after a comment that really annoyed me last night (but honestly I couldn't defend against) about how I should stop whining about how my clothes fit wrong and I feel fat and just do something about it (yeah...not one of J's best moments) I got up this AM and did just that. I finished workout 1 of the 30 Day Shred. I am eating well today. It's on. F*ck this. I am tired of my clothes fitting wierd and am pissed off. I'll use the annoyance as fuel. Time to get serious.Tomorrow AM I will take measurements so I can see the changes - it really encourages me.

So yeah. Time to be stiff and hungry all the time for a few months.

Don't mind me. I woke up to a cloudy rainy slushy morning. At least I finished raking the yard yesterday before all this - J helped hold the bag when I put the leaves in. How helpful. I tried not to be pissy about it...cuz at least it's done. Unfortunately the city compost place is closed for the winter (as of sunday...sigh) so I will have to put the leaves in teh regular waste a bag at a time or spend $20 to go to the dump. This is what happens when you (ahem) procrastinate. Ah least it's done. As for the having our snow tires on?? Oh haha. Don't even. I'm leaving that for him to figure out. I don't do that. I draww my line in the sand...

Hopefully the rain and slush let off. It's been unseasonably warm so I suppose we are due. It's wierd not having snow now.

And if you google space cats you come up with some pretty freaking awesome photos. Just saying.

Yeah I should get to work now. It's one of those mornings. Trying to cheer myself up so I can get down to business. I know I know. I'm going...


azusmom said...

I just starter 30-Day Shred, as well. Kicked my patootie. But, hey, we can be sore and miserable together! :)

Geosomin said...

Yes - let's do this!!