SO. Tired.

Despite being tired I got up this AM and did my workout. I was tired from visiting with dad and staying up talking to JJ. I still did it though. Yay me. And I must say -it was freaking hard today. Way harder than the first day. Doing the same workout every day really doesn't give you time to recover so my shoulders are pretty sore - I had to modify the pushups todayand had real trouble with the front raises but I did my best. I am using 5Lb dumbells though, so I am considering finding my 3Lb for when I feel like I need to stop so I can keep going with a lower weight. I will keep doing this though. I've already lost 3 Lb and despite my stiffness I feel better mentally. It's tough to watch what I eat when it's hibernation season and I want to eat all the things but I know that this will work - I just have to keep going. I plan to take the 7th day off after workouts for a rest day - I have a feeling if I keep being stiff like I am that a rest day would definitely be good. I think doing the same workout for 10 days is gonna be hella boring, but I'll do it. It's a solid workout. Can't deny it.

I'm glad Dad came to visit. It gave J a kick to tidy up the house a bit. The main level looks a lot more human. I'm very grateful. A lot of the stuff was his from events and so I didn't know what to do with it other than make it'll be nice ot have a weekend where we can do things other than tidying :)

And - it's friday. Admittedly all I wanna do is snuggle and watch a movie and sleep tonight (woo) but we'll see what the night brings. JJ gets up 4 hours after I do so he's always raring to go out and do things and I wanna curl up and nap. Sometimes I am up to it, but last weekend was super crazy so I'm ok with a more relaxing time this weekend. It's a bit of a sore spot between us lately that I am not as social as I could be but I'm really content to be at home and don't need to go out much so I plan to leave it up to JJ to plan if he wants to do something. My big plans? Well I have a new book from the library that I plan to read with a big mug of tea and a cat. And there is a fun gathering sat night with friends so I will get out definitely. As for the rest - well, we'll see. Being social is exhausting sometimes...I'm an introvert so I need to make time alone for myself. I'm learning what my brain needs. It'll come.

Hope you all have a good weekend.


JavaChick said...

I've been working pretty hard at sticking to regular workouts, and trying to be active most days. I've been finding for a while now that I wake up in the morning feeling like my lower back is seized up. I was blaming my mattress. Had a completely lazy day yesterday, mostly curled up in my chair reading. Woke up this morning with my back feeling fine. The rest days seem to be kind of important. :)

30 Day Shred? Impressed that you can stick with that. I found it boring as heck. Pretty sure I gave my DVD away.

Geosomin said...

I am getting pretty bored. I took sunday off which was nice but doing the same workout for 10 days is really boring. I will be glad at the end of this week when I can move on to the 2nd workout.