Day 6 of the first 10

I took sunday off as a day off and it was nice to give my shoulders a break. They feel much better. SO far so good with the daily workouts. I will admit doing the same workout every day sure is getting kinda dull though. I can't wait for friday when I say goodbye  to day 1 and move on to day 2 of the 30 day shred. I could not do this long term...unless I rotated between the 3 workouts maybe.

 It's been almost a week and already I am finding I crave sweets less and it is a heck of a lot easier to eat well when you start your day with a workout. It's like I don't want to break my rhythm and work harder to keep on track when I start that way. I have definitely found having prepped & ready -for-munching celery, carrots and cauliflower in the fridge for snacking has helped me not snack myself out in the evenings. Soda stream is giving me my fizz kick...and I picket up a case of Canadian 67 IPA for when I just want a beer - only 67 calories and 2g carbs per beer. I am happy with how It's gone so far. Even with a crappy saturday I didn't give in to my usual eat the house and mope thing I usually do when I'm emotional - instead I worked out and watched some anime and had some club soda with lime and some vegetables...and it was OK. Made some delicious veggie chile. Read a good book and had a hot bath. Food is not therapy - it's fuel. It's tough to keep that in mind for me.

I feel good though. Really good.

I am pleased :)

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