Almost there

I've been good at doing the workouts all week! And after tomorrow I get a new one. Finally. It's neat to feel myself getting stronger...I can do more than when I's just pretty boring doing the same thing every day. Saturday will be a new workout. I can't wait.

J and I had a cheat meal on tuesday night but other than that I've been eating well all the time. We went out for thai food to celebrate him finding a really good deal on a cargo van for his home lighting and laser business. The smaller Japanese Delica we have is a Diesel and while it's good for camp adventures and good on gas it is a terrible winter vehicle and doesn't run below -10 C (which is most of our winters here) so his ability to take gigs with lots of gear in the winter is really limited. Cargo vans are stupidly expensive but he managed to find an older GM one with under 100000 Km marked down for $6900. It was a passenger van remade for the local power company to use so it has all it's papers and there are windows but no seats in it - so we don't have to find a place to store the seats in the basement (which I was not amused about - we already have the ones formt he Delica there). It's exactly what J needs for a decent price. Everything else we saw since we've started looking isn't even remotely close to what he needed with high miles and was over 15K so this is a real deal. I'm happy - he went to test it tuesday and was back to buy it wednesday morning before he left for the weekend with the guys.

I'm looking forward to some time alone this weekend. It is a friend's birthday tonight and he wants to meet for beers with friends so if they are going to where I can get to by bus I'll meet up with them for a while, but I'd honestly rather just get caught up on stuff in my craft room so I'm kinda hoping it will be somewhere I can't really get to. I spent last evening with my brother and it was a nice visit, but I was glad to get home to my cats and a nice bath. Slept diagonal on the bed with the cats and hogged all the pillows and duvet. Nice :)

I'm also happy to report that my mammogram went well. The scan yesterday was a bit odd because they have to do some adjusting since my remaining breast has an implant in it, but the scans showed nothing unusual. They were kind enough to meet with me after show me the scans so I could see them and know the results right away before I meet my oncologist next week. So yeah - I appear to be OK for another year, at least where my breasts are concerned. Quite a relief I must say.

And so - I must be off. It's my coffee break and I'd like a coffee.
Later taters! :)

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grapecat said...

Yay on all fronts (ha ha see what I did there?!!! :) )