New toy

Here's some photos from the last week or so of work. After the chimney was carried out by J, the hole was framed in by Dad and then I sanded and mudded and painted until you'd never know it was ever there.
And then the fridge came. Hee hee.
It's awesome...

Tonight J is picking me up and we're going camping up at Baldy lake and hiking Gems lakes with some friends. One last camp out of the summer. It'll be a bit chilly but with good friends and a fire I think we'll have a fine time. Have a good weekend!!


JavaChick said…
Very nice! Enjoy! :)
Yum Yucky said…
You guys sure are handy when it comes to renovation stuff. And that sure is a shiny, spiffy looking fridge! Let's trade fridges. Shall we?

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