There is no frigate like a book...

I've been into audio books lately. I can't seem to sit still long enough to read more than a chapter of something but I have been devouring audio books. First it was Amy Poehler's Yes Please and then All the Single Ladies by Dorothea Benton Frank (great car fluff "reading" for holiday drives to the lake btw). Now I'm moving on to Samantha Bee's book. I have Sarah Silverman on deck. Waiting for Tina Fey to arrive as well. Then I'm gonna switch from bios to a good drama I think. With my 40 minute walk to work it's nice to have something to listen to although I think anyone who bikes or jogs by me thinks I'm a bit off since I randomly say "oh no!" or laugh out loud as I walk. I have finally caught up on the few podcasts I follow so I only have new episodes of them every few weeks...if I put on music I just want to run...and that's soon, but not for another week. For now it's just walkies.

I've been struck listening to Amy Poehler and Samantha Bee (whom I admire) and it is interesting to hear stories of life from women my age with wit and weirdness.  There's a lot of talented women  out there...


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