so far so good

It's been a long week, but I'm feeling better every day. I'm down to having an advil here and there and I can raise my arms over my head now (can I get a woohoo?). I can touch myself (ahem) without wincing and I think in another week I'll be OK to remove the padding I have in the damn underwire bras I have to wear all the time so they don't rub and hurt my incisions. Right now my lifted breast looks bigger than the one they built I am hoping it is swollen and will recede a bit. In clothes they look about the same, so I suppose that's the main thing. I have a check-up appointment with my surgeon on tuesday so he'll give me the low down.

I've decided to head out to a cabin with some friends this weekend and relax. There's going to be a mini outdoor party with DJs and some nice people, some of whom I know and the weather here has been beautiful lately (actually too hot for the season - 30C is not spring weather). It's supposed to be mid 20s all weekend, so it'll be a bice time to be outside. I wasn't sure if I'd feel up to it, but I know I'll be OK now. I will have to be social all weekend (psyching myself up as we speak) since J will be working for a large part of it, but even though I can't dance, I anticipate I'll likely have to crash early anyways most evenings what with me recovering and all so I hope I'll be alright. There's having fun and then there's stupid...balance. I think I can pull it off. Part of me just wants to crawl under the duvet all weekend, but I think this would be better for me. I hope it's the right choice. People are exhausting sometimes. I have a ride up there and back with someone so I don't have to worry too much about it.

I'm tired but happy...I can tell I miss J a lot...I've been listening to audio books just to have another voice around. I listened to all of Amy Poehler's Yes Please this week and thoroughly enjoyed it - it's a well put together audio book with lots of made me laugh out loud on more than on occasion and I'm sure the people on the bus are certain I'm a loony. Next is Samantha Bee's book I Know I am But What Are You. And I have some podcasts to catch up on.

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