So far so good. The surgery went very well. Things look remarkably good. I now "match" and the girls look very perky indeed. Other than a lack of nipple on one side I'm balanced and back to my new normal. I just have to heal up.

more opiates please

Sadly, I am no longer on the fun painkillers that make me not care that I am in pain...and am back at work mumbling into my tea, but things are slowly coming along. In a few weeks I should be relatively pain free if I look after myself. Compared to last time it's really not too bad at all actually...I went to the comic expo on the weekend with friends and enjoyed myself - it's a great place to be when you're heavily medicated. I had a great visit with my sister and my friends...and now I'm home and having to be boring and work and stuff. J is away for a week working so I can whinge and moan and be annoying and heal up at my own pace...just have to work to keep the cats from sitting on my chest and all is well.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi, and that I'm OK. 

Soon I'll be back in business...
I know right? Now you can't think of anything else...


JavaChick said…
Wishing you speedy healing!
Yum Yucky said…
Well I was gonna say something else, but that panda's twirling titties are distracting me. lol.
Love you much!

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