Perky. That's me...

On the weekend, while in the middle of doing something I came to the happy realization that I don't hurt anymore. Well OK if I were to biff myself in the boob it would bloody well sting still, but average everyday stuff is OK now. With my doc's OK I switched from an underwire bra which was pretty damn painful to a few good sports bras and that has made a huge difference in how I feel. The incision in the fold at the bottom of my breast is much happier now. Now I just have to wait for the incisions to heal up and not be all dry and scabby and stuff...and not lift heavy stuff for another few weeks....but that's no biggie.
I am pleased tho - the swelling has gone down on my breast that was lifted to match and they're pretty similar in size (and direction lol) now. It'll do pig. It'll do...I've been spending far too much time lately staring at my chest, truth be told.

Some old friends and 2 of their friends came down to stay with us for a roller derby tournament this weekend. J has known Ken since elementary school and he's been through so much truly hideous and crazy serious life shit and come out the other side finally. It is so good to see the real him again...healthy and happy and with someone who is a great person who supports him. We got in a little roller derby watching as a bonus which was cool. Seeing old friends is always a wonderful thing. It was a nice relaxing weekend. J didn't work most of it for once...which is rare. I got out with friends to hear some great music (and try not to dance too much) and have a good beer and just enjoy myself too. Good stuff.

It was cool to just catch up on things and relax and feel human. The thing about being slightly sedated or recovering is you can't just relax...I was always focused on my pain, or unable to concentrate and groggy and I dont' know just how pleasant a person I was to be around...annoyingly vague and babbly I suspect. I have started walking to work again and it's lovely. My steps back to life. In another week I can hop on the exercise bike and do some squats and lunges in the morning and in 3 weeks I can start running again on a couch to 5K program and get in some upper body weights again. I've put on about 10 Lb during all this recon business and I'd like to slowly get that off...but you don't restrict calories when you're healing - that's just dumb.

I finally feel like I will be healed some day. And that is absolutely fabulous. :)

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JavaChick said...

Glad to hear that you are starting to feel good again!