small talk

I am proud of myself. I'm volunteering at an event on saturday (party with DJs and fine people) and JJ is away for 4 days so I was on my own. I went to the crew meet up at the local brewery last night and managed to talk to people and hold conversations and not just stare at people drooling or make them uncomfortable from my lack of social skills he heh. I even cracked the wise a few times. They weren't uncomfortable when they found out why I was having surgery monday. Just nice people. Hooray. I need to stop with the social anxiety and get out more. Practice makes...well not sucking at least.

There's hope for me yet.

Prairie Sun brewery is a neat little place. They've got a small pub in the front of their brewery where they make about 8 kinds of really nice beer with a few seasonals that really sing (they have a chocolate porter right now that's divine) and also serve a few pubby foods (slider burgers, pizza and the like). They're sponsoring the party on saturday so we got some free nibbles while we planned our attack for the evening. I tried out some brews and took a growler of nice ale home for tomorrow night for a BBQ out at a friend's place so I am happy about that. I plan to be back to refill it often.

I am most happy though that I was able to be out and about as me. To interact with help talk and plan things. On my own. It's like coming out of a cave and blinking in the sunlight...when you haven't been social for a long time you almost forget how to. It was a bit scary but it wasn't exhausting...just fun. It looks like good crew of people and I'm looking forward to saturday. One last proper ass jiggling before I go under the knife one last time. I'm hoping I'll be up to a night of dancing by then.

Just 2 more days of work and I'm off for a week. I need a break. Yes it's a surgery but I'll take it...

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JavaChick said...

I suck at the small talk too. I just cannot think of things to say, and then there are the hearing issues which means half the time I miss what's going on.

Glad you got out and had fun. Good luck with the surgery!