wednesday waiting

Trying to get healthy for monday. So far I only have a sinus thing going on. Likely mostly allergies. It's an unusually early spring this year with lots of leaf and snow mold...and they're doing the street sweeping...and there was a fire at a city tire yard last night which didn't help with the air quality. I'm still doing all I can to boost my immune system so I stay like I am. I can deal with a bit of a stuffed head and it won't put off my surgery.
Thank frog.
When I started getting a tickle in my throat and a stuffed up head on friday I was quite surprised at just how visceral a reaction I had to the thought of having to postpone my surgery. It would be a very bad thing for me. Oh yes, I'd deal...but I don't want to. So I'm in defense mode. Lots of rest and many concoctions to boost my system. All my concoctions of ginger, cloves, fresh lemon and honey seem to be helping. I was adding turmeric but by gawd it tasted awful, so I've just taken to cooking with it and leaving it at that. I've had rum with lemon and honey and hot water (and in diet coke ahem) as well...just in case :P. I've  tried to use as much fresh garlic as I can lately, and eating a few cloves a day. I've even grabbed out my humidifier to use in the bedroom and it's really helping me sleep - I'll definitely keep it out. I've even been having lots of protein every day this week on the recommendation of my doc to help healing afterwards. I've not been exercising as much as I'd like since I'm a bit beat down, but I have been doing my physio. I'd rather not push myself and get sicker...

And so...I've been diddling through this week. Slow week at work and at h ome. Trying not to think about surgery while thinking about surgery (sigh). Doing some chores around the house. The only downside to this allergy thing is our yard desperately needs to be raked - it snowed in the fall before I could get out all the leaves and our front and back yard look terrible. Everyone is out puttering in their yards and I'd like to get the yard ready before my surgery since I won't be able to do anything like raking for about 4-6 weeks after so it will just have to wait or my allergies will go ballistic. Why doesn't J do it you ask? Oh har har...darling no. Just no. As the duties of life have been divided up it has been decided that for the most part J doesn't do yardwork without a pitchfork pointed at him...and to be fair, honestly I enjoy doing most of it so he usually doesn't have to. He doesn't see it as a priority, whereas me I like to keep the leaf mold and other weedy stuff to a minimum. Plus I just like working outside.

As such, we'll see...we may be "that house" this year until I recover a bit. I am hoping that we can get the front yard redone this summer so it won't matter. I need to get on that...Once this surgery is over then I will be able to push past it into life again. So much of the last few years has been dictated by medical appointments and things out of my control and it will be scary but liberating to just be able to do whatever the hell we wish again (well within reason and work and such of course).

Hope you're having a good hump day. So far I am.

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JavaChick said...

My husband doesn't do yard work either. He barely goes outside. :)

I confess, we do have a landscaping company to mow our lawn and fertilize and stuff like that, leaving me free to play with the gardens (i.e. plant stuff for the deer to eat...sigh).