Turn turn turn

My bus was a bit early today so I got to the gym in time to try their tuesday morning morning spin class...so I took a deep breath and tried it before I could chicken out. It was with Mel, my favourite old crazy instructor whose classes I used to love back before I was diagnosed. She's hard core. Yup - the fact that this was the first spin class since I started chemo so long ago was on my mind today. And you know what? I'm seat sore but I didn't die! :P
I mentioned to Mel beforehand that I was recovering from a surgery and would try not to slack, but needed to watch myself and be aware of my restrictions. I wanted her to know why I wasn't doing the pushups she does before class and might have to pull back if it's too much - didn't want to go into too crazy of details...just left it at that and pushed hard and rested when I needed to...and really enjoyed it. It was tough, yes, but afterwards I felt amazing. After class I did some leg lifts, butt raises and a few other ab things and called it a very good workout indeed. Perhaps I shall try to do this every tuesday. It certainly was a good start. I feel upbeat and content. It's been a while. If this is what I need to get here I'll do it.

It feels good to feel good and push myself and sweat. For the first day in a while I am excited to see what else today has to offer. I have a haircut and colour after work today and then it's a trek to get us our groceries...so here's hoping for a fabulous day.

Yes. Let's do it Rockapella.

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