the beautiful people

This weekend was my friend Kim's birthday. It meant a road trip to Regina with friends for a big house birthday party at their house. Got all nostalgic being back in my old home town. I relaxed and danced and had such a nice time. I reconnected with my friends and made a few new ones. Even stopped in at Burger Baron (there's no local one...sniff) before we headed home with the whole Saskatoon crew. My crew.
It's good to have friends. When you feel lonely and then there's all these wonderful kind people who make you laugh? Well. There's nothing much better than that.
I forget sometimes that it's not just me and J in this big crazy world. There are some lovely people who choose to be my friends and I am so grateful for them. We are wierd and we are shiny and it gives me hope that in the midst of all the humdrum and tediousness there is joy and laughter. I'll take it whenever I can get it.

Yes. Good weekend really.

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