Well how about that

It's been a weird week. Up. Down. Side to side.

I'm trying to be healthy and get in my exercise to make the most of my last month before I have to sit on my ass again for a month (sigh). Actually it's not that bad. I can walk. I'm hoping I can keep at it and be consistent. I've noticed I am getting stronger and can do more reps so that is cool. Next week I am moving up from 5Lb to 8Lb weights with my physio and will go out for a run on wednesday mornings (if the weather isn't sucktastic - if it is I'll head into the gym and use the treadmill). Or maybe I'll try some PIIT.

I am quite glad at a recent opportunity that came up at work. My Master's work was on immunohistochemistry related to breast cancer and breast cancer markers. This is how they see if you're receptor positive or not and determine your treatment. For many years I've waited for my former supervisor to publish my work (outside my thesis) and haven't had any luck. A breast cancer researcher here who is funded by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (who I've been doing a run for to rais $$ for many years) wants me to use my work with him. My boss is OK with me doing a little side research so I get to do it!


This certainly helps me mentally when I get down and wonder just what I'm actually doing that's useful with my life that I fought for. It's fabulous. I hope hope hope it works out well for me.

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