Happy Easter

I don't get it...are they going to eat the bird? How um...festive?
I googled wierd bunny and creepy easter and...well...now I need to go and look at cute bunnies for a while.
Sheesh. There be some wierd people out there...
Happy Easter all of you fine peoples. Whether you celebrate the religious or the pagan holiday (or just use the time to be off work, eat delicious food and chocolate eggs) I wish you all a fine weekend with family and friends. I plan to eat a big mennonite easter lunch tomorrow and then relax all weekend celebrating a friend's birthday and seeing how many mini eggs I can fit in my mouth at one time.

It's good to have goals.

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solarity said...

The pussy willow branch goes /through/ the hole in the egg and out the other side, not under it as I first thought. The duckling is holding it in a fairly aggressive way. Did the egg belong to the kittens? Now I will be puzzling over this for days!

Happy Easter, happy chocolate
Mary Anne in Kentucky