Slow and Steady

Hiya. Sorry I'm not here much. Just enjoying things and busy. I'm trying to cut back time on the computer where I am wasting time I could be doing real stuff so my blog and facebook have been cut back some lately.

I seem to have a good rhythm with this weeks fitness. MWF physio with my walk to work added in and tuesday/thursday gym workouts of lower body and some cardio. If I could get my eating a little more in line I think I can really make a change by my April surgery. I have been feeling pretty jiggly lately and this exercise helpe me feel more like I'm in control of my health instead of just reacting and recovering...Starting April I plan to go in to the gym on wednesday morning too for more intense cardio with my physio......there is something about going to a place to workout that makes me work harder...I mean I made myself get there I might as well do something right? I suppose I could work out how to do it at home too. I will have to see. If I could get some different weights, an equalizer bar and maybe a sandbag for home I could really have a good gym and just workout at home...but one of the perks of my job is free gym membership so I don't mind using it. I like free.

I've been snacking more than necessary lately and eating huge portions of delicious things ...which is yummy, and probably just from increasing my activity, but I am trying to get myself in good base shape again before my surgery at the end of April so that when I take a month off until ~ mid-June when I can exercise again and am out in the sunshine in shorts and tank tops this summer I won't feel too jiggly and self conscious. I don't need to be totally ripped, but I don't want to waste any time worrying about whether my clothes fit me properly and being uncomfortable- Life is too short for that. Plus I can't afford to buy new summer clothes so I'm gonna work to build up muscle tone and strength. I'd love to just dive into the Insanity workout again (that whipped me into shape pretty quick) but I MUST be patient. Slow and steady. Infuriatingly slow but very very necessary. Too fast = lymphedema which you NEVER get rid of once you develop... so I am going to continue at my current rate. I keep reminding myself that this is my whole life and that I'll get there. I am working at it and that is the most important part. I already feel stronger in my arms, back and legs and I know if I keep at it and make an effort I can be as healthy as I can be and have a not too jiggly arse. After April I am hopeful that I will not have to have any more surgery (crossing all available appendages) and can just get back to living my damn life already.

Yes indeed.


solarity said...

Yay! :)

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

Apparently we are twins lately. I have also been feeling a little jiggly while eating delicious portions of things. No guilt though, because I enjoyed myself to the utmost. It's just time to get back down to business now. I love that I can intermittently enjoy the finer things in life (aka, large portions of food) and still be in a happy place. I've got lots of squatting and pushups on deck for this week. Huzzah!!!!

Emmett Fletcher said...

I admire you - your strength to carry on and live a normal life. I wish I was more like you. Good luck with the future and fingers crossed for you that you don't need anymore surgeries. As for eating all things salty and sweet, I am guilty of that too so I shouldn't worry! Keep your head up!

Emmett Fletcher @ CK Physio