I did it. I packed my bag last night and this AM I hopped on the 6AM bus to come into the gym here on campus when it opens at 6:30. Even remembered my tension sleeve for my arm. I did essentially the same workout as on friday only without side step ups and only 25 minutes on the treadmill so I'd have time to stretch, shower and be in for work on time. I had a nice stretch and some protein shake on my walk over here to my desk to snarf some raspberries and cottage cheese and sip my tea and feel...well...a bit smug, to be honest! :) I forgot how much I love this. How GOOD I feel all day. Yes getting up at 5:30 is utterly lame, but if I can avoid the snooze and lay out everything so it's dummy proof I can do it. Workout clothes ready and bag packed with lunch ready to pop in the bag and all I have to do is feed and hug my kittehs and get out the door. I only forgot a water bottle...not bad. I had to go pick up a new combo lock on the weekend since I haven't the foggiest where my old one is (and don't remember the combo anyways so why bother). This is definitely going to be a tuesday/thursday thing from now on...maybe even more. We'll see. Gotta remember to take this easy.

But......I. Want. More.

I got a few sideways curious glances while changing and showering but I honestly don't mind. It's to be expected. I have some pretty unusual scars and it's not every day you see someone without a nipple. And you know what? I wear them all with pride. I earned them all and it's a helluva story to tell if anyone ever asks. I mean, I'd be curious too back before this all happened if I saw something like them. I'm not gonna hide under a towel or cringe or change how I act or feel. Life's too short for that kinda stuff. I'm working to be strong and healthy, whatever the new me can be. I'm proud of my body, flaws and all. :)

At any rate - I should.get to it. I have a highly disappointing butternut squash saag curry for lunch. It looked so good as a recipe...but it's pretty bland. It *is* healthy tho, so I'll finish it up. I have to get groceries tonight so that'll eat up most of the evening. BUT... my J gets home late tonight. Man, I miss him. It's the little things you know? The every day things. My best friend will be home soon. Hooray.


azusmom said...
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azusmom said...

Woo-hoo! You are bada**!
And I HATE it when a recipe looks good but tastes blah. :(