tiniest paint pot ever

Last night the wind died down so I could walk home. It was so nice :)
As a bonus we nearly finished the renos. I did the last of the fiddly painting and trim touch ups. I had to make one last trip to Home Depot to buy a tiny sample size tin of colour matched paint for the downstairs bathroom walls to do a few touch ups. I literally needed about 2 teaspoons of paint and the stuff left from previous paint jobs had dried up. Thankfully they make "tester" size little jars that hold about 1 cup of paint for $3. It was just the perfect size :). We even tried to put on the vanity handles when J got home. Turns out the drawer fronts are too thick so we need special longer screws that we'll have to get on the weekend some time, but the holes are there at least. The handles are on the doors so I can put stuff back in there thankfully. Tonight I just have the caulking to do...and some tidying. Then I can put the shower curtain back and be done. It's funny, everyone I know with a house that we've mentioned that we're doing the bathroom reno to has said "make sure you finish all the little things! Don't leave them or you'll never get back to them" and I believe it. If I didn't do something now I don't think I'd care to get back to it. It's like the cupboard handles for our kitchen cupboards that we painted 5 years ago...that are still not on the doors...ahem. Yeah. It's like that. *whistle*
J is working at a fundraiser tonight and altho it would be a fun party to stop in at I may just stay in and do the last of my reno stuff and then clean up and put a bunch of tools and crap away and watch a chick flick with the cats with a nice glass of wine and a bubble bath. I need a bit of decompression to psych myself up for tuesday. I do have some plans for the weekend to prep some food for the week to come that's easy to heat up. I'm also getting a haircut and having lunch with my friend Heather so it'll be a nice full weekend. I'm looking forward to a few days at home not involving renovations. My lovely J has been slowly cleaning up the house and it looks quite nice in the regular living spaces so I think we just may recover our house back from the reno demons after all! :)
Best of all - only 2 days of work left. I think I can round everything up and be ready to take a break.

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