Bathroom renos: before and after

Well...things are coming together. Here's some original bathroom shots from when we bought the house 13 years ago...

Then in 2007 we painted the walls grey and tried to make it less awfully pink...and hide the pink faux marble monstrosity and ugly yellow plastic shower door behind a curtain. It was better...but still not a place to have a bath in. It had wooden floors that were impossible to clean. The first photo has Geek in it though so it's not all bad. He loved to sit on the toilet seat. I miss that fizzgig...:)

And now...dun dun DUUUUUUUN!
 I present for your viewing pleasure, my new bathroom:

Ta Dah! :)
I still have to caulk the window in the bathroom and caulk down the sink still since the drain was leaking on it on friday and I had to take it apart to fix that. I didn't want to attach it to the counter until I'd fixed that since it's a helluva lot easier to fiddle with drains when you can lift the sink out too (and I totally forgot about the window until I saw it in the shower this morning). Thankfully it appears I have fixed the sink and it no longer seems like a weird design flaw in the pop up drain that came with the faucet since it's designed for a different style of sink with an overflow, but I made it work. I gots skills. The bathroom is pretty much complete. Thank frog. Let there be rejoicing from all of the land.

It was a busy and fun weekend. Got to spend time with my bestie Heather and get a haircut and have a great evening off with my J. Yesterday I slept in and then spent the afternoon drinking coffee and prepping food for when I'm home healing. I now have 10 calzones, meatbuns and a pan of cheesy potato chicken casserole and along with the lasagna, pizza and shepherd's pie I picked up at costco I think we'll have food for at least a few weeks and by then I'll be able to cook a bit of something I'm sure. It's not all the healthiest stuff, but it's easy to prepare for my food challenged partner who will be looking after me. We have lots of soups and bread and fruit as well and I have vanilla protein powder to have as breakfasts to help me heal. It'll do.I weigh less than I ever have (literally, I think I'm 115 on my home scale) so I have some expansion room. It'll all even out in the end. Patience grasshopper.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified of tomorrow. But in a good way...if that can be said to be so. I'm excited to go forward with the next step of all this, but frightened at the unknowns of how much it will hurt and just how damn long it will take for me to recover. The fact that I have been able to recover back to my old strength and fitness from the previous surgery gives me great hope...I just have to be diligent.
I had grand plans for a big sweaty epic workout this morning but I slept in by hitting snooze when I didn't mean to and so I did some sets of lunges and squats and upper arm work with dumbbells along with some deadlifts. I then planned to walk to work, but after getting 10 minutes out realized I forgot my keys and had to come back and then wake up J to drive me to work because there was no way in hell I'd make it on time otherwise. So's been that sorta day so far and it 's only 8 AM. But it's my last day at work and we're going out for lunch. Tonight I have some prep to do and have an amazing meal planned. It'll get better I'm sure.

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JavaChick said...

Oh wow, that was a lot of pink! Looking good now though, love your sink!

Sending positive vibes your way for a successful surgery and speedy recovery! :)