snow eh? well meh

Winter is here. I can't say I'm all that pleased.

I just need to dig out all my winter gear really. The Norwegians have a saying - "there is no bad weather only bad clothing" and it's true. If you're dressed for it, it's alright. It's the running shivering from building to building without proper gear that gets annoying and I'm at that stage at the moment. Add in the having to take the bus again (at least until I have better gear and the wind is less than 30 kph) and I'm a bit cranky...I prefer the outdoors. I like my walks home.

Ah well, only 3 workdays until I'm off for a while so I can deal. I couldn't sleep well last night and was up for about 2 hours from 2-4, but thankfully J was too so we just hung out and talked instead of me staring at the ceiling. I'm a bit tired today as a result but what can ya do? I didn't workout because I wanted to get all the sleep I could. I plan to workout tonight after I finish up painting tonight instead. I had another bath last am so happy to have a bathtub. It made the crazy last few weeks worth it.

My coworkers are sweet - they gave me a good luck card with an Indigo gift card so I can go pick out a book or two for recovery time. Think I'll get the new Jenny Lawson book I've been meaning to pick up. I just need to get through a few more days...then I'll get to meet my new frankenboob and start healing up. I plan to call it Frankie. It just suits...
Time for a coffee I think. Have a great day.

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Peter T Chattaway said...

Hadn't heard that Danish expression before. Love it.