The great purge of 2015

Did my Insanity workout again this morning. Feel really good. It's a cold misty day, but I think it's gonna be a good one. I have one last day to tidy up before my Dad comes to visit for a few weeks to help us reno the bathroom. I'm so excited about that.
I'm also excited about what J's been doing in the house all week. He was determined to organize the tool room in the basement and pretty much the entire lower level. He's purged an insane amount of junk from the house, as well as organizing the camp gear, tools and other things down there. There are areas down there that have been full of random junk that accumulated slowly for YEARS (I'm not joking...) and stuff was all over the place after a minor basement flood years ago and now they're clear AND what is left is organized. It's incredible. We recycled a crazy amount of boxes. There is still a lot of organizing to do in other rooms but it sure is inspiring to see a huge difference in there. There is space for Dad to work now, we can get at all our tools and the workbench is free to use. I'm no longer embarrassed at how unorganized it was down there. The positive physical reaction I have when I enter that space now is so refreshing :) I kept going down there and just grinning last night. It's good to purge. I want to do other spaces too.
We also went out and found the bathroom flooring yesterday along with 2 handles for the vanity in record time. I was prepared for a long frustrating consumer experience but we lucked out. First place we went to was a  local shop and we found some awesome vinyl tile that requires no grout or adhesive - it just clicks together with a rubber mallet and forms a waterproof floor. It's easy to cut and should be super simple to put down - crazy easy to install. We both looked at it and said "yup I like that" (kinda rare). It was even on sale plus no a tax incentive this month! It is a warm darker grey marble sort of pattern that will work in both bathrooms. We are ready to reno!

Tonight I have some general house tidying to do and I need to run around to pick up some stuff so I can bottle my crabapple wine before my surgery. I also have a bunch of junk to leave at Value Village from the great purge. J has an overnight job out of town today so I'm gonna relax and enjoy some me time.
I hope you're having a good week too :)

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