Hump day

Done the Insanity workout for the day. I can do more today. It felt good. This morning was cool but beautiful. It was a nice walk to work along the river. It's pretty dark now in the mornings and the sun comes up when I'm almost at work. It's been cloudy lately so the sky just sort of lightens aup and glows and the sunlight sort of sneaks up on you until you realise it's daytime.I just drank my tea and listened to the Vinyl Cafe podcast and enjoyed it all. Any day now the snow could come so I'm walking every day I can.
Today after work we're going to find some flooring for the bathroom. Ooh aah. Dad comes in 2 days. Then we start. Meep. J is working desperately to organize our basement and all our tools and storage so that we can easily access what we need to work...we're decluttering a bit and there is much more to do, but it really has made a huge difference. Give that man  caffeine and he can really go :) He has an overnight job tomorrow so I'll have to take over and do some cleaning then too.
Hope you're all doing well on this hump day. So far so good! Here we go again! :)
Here's a little hump day earworm for you to get your day started, with muppets to make it even better.

You're welcome ;)

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