Good morning! It's friday. Thank frog. SO glad the weekend is here.
I've done my morning workout and am feeling confident and pretty in a new (to me) pair of skinny jeans and a short belted dress and boots. It's gonna be a good day. I have a few meetings and it's always nice to go into them feeling confident...I can definitely adult today :)

I'm a bit tired from a long day yesterday but it was a good one. I finished the general cleaning around the house and did some laundry to get the guest room ready for Dad today. I also cleared out the cabinets in the bathroom so it's nearly ready to go for renos. All that is left is the stuff we actually are still using - I can throw that in a box in a few minutes. I made a run to pick up painting supplies and stopped in at Value Village  - came home with a few pairs of skinny jeans, 2 long shirt/dresses to go with them and a pair of earrings...all for $33. I love getting jeans there...they're preshrunk and usually <$10 a pair. :) I even made it to the brew store and picked up some Starsan sterilizer concentrate, more corks and wine clarifier for bottling my crabapple wine along with some other random stuff I'll need to start my cherry wine up. Not sure when that'll be but since I was there and I had some birthday $$ I figured what the hell. They had a nice Gewurztraminer kit there I was tempted by but I think I'll leave that until January when I'll have less going on and will likely be able to do all the bottling and whatnot.

I am SO excited to start everything in the house with Dad. Tonight he'll get here and we'll unload all his tools and visit and have a nice supper and plan our destruction for the next while.

Meep!!! :D


grapecat said...

Yay!!! Hello Geo's dad!!!
good luck with the renos x

solarity said...

Wishing you well with the bathroom.
I guess since I'm enjoying it virtually I don't actually have to wait for you to decant the crabapple wine.

Mary Anne in Kentucky