the devil is in the details

Last night I spent hours trying to finish up all the little trimmy painty things to my picky standards. Argh- if painter's tape actually worked I'd be a lot further along. I got the baseboards and trim done and one coat on the wall colour areas that needed patching. I just have to finish the second coat of the wall colour upstairs as well as touch up any parts of the downstairs wall colour that needs attention too. With any luck then I can caulk the countertop and around the outside of the tub and surround in the next day or so and the project will be finished completely. These little details are so diddley and they can drive me crazy...because by this point in some ways I just don't care, but in others I know I'll look at certain details and they'll bug me if they aren't done right, so I'll just make sure I take the time to do what I need to do. We will try and go tonight to get handles for the bathroom vanity so we can put things in it, which will be nice. J works the next few nights so I'll have time to be as picky as I need to to get it all finished up by the weekend.

It's finally officially winter. Last night wa the first snowfall that has stuck. Only a few inches and who is to say if we'll get more, but it sorta feels like instant winter right now. This time of year is always a challenge to get around because people somehow forget how to drive in the winter (even tho it happens every year!!) so you have to give yourself extra time. I am the queen of getting stuck in the snow so it'll take me a little while to get  comfortable driving around in the snow too. But since it's November 17 we did really well to last this long without snow. I know it made our renos a lot easier to be able to do a lot of things outside.It would be too wet and squishy for that now.

I am in an hour early to diagnose a defective vacuum concentrator so no workout today. With the snow and wind I got a ride in to work so no walk either. I may workout when I get home tonight. We'll see...but for now I think I'm going to go get a coffee and see what I can figure out. Have a great day!!

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