I had a bath last night. It was glorious. Lavender bubble bath, a few candles and some Prosecco.
 Lovely. The tub fills up nicely and covers to my shoulders. I was led to believe that the drain actually closed and you could manually override it but you can't...although it still lets the tub fill up to a decent height. J said he'd like it deeper even, but I am very happy with it. It's a nice soaking bath and this was the first of many many baths. The tub really holds the heat, so the bath stayed nice and hot for a long time. I just have to rig up a bluetooth speaker in the bathroom and life will be perfect...

I took a break from reno madness last night and just relaxed with J for the evening. Dad is on his way home for his surgery and the house is quiet again. We ignored the mess, made a nice supper and we just relaxed. This morning I just couldn't wake up at 530 so I slept in an extra hour. Maybe it was the Prosecco...maybe just the relaxing and needing a bit of rest. Either way, I walked in to work today and it was chilly, but I think it'll be a good day.

I get to go to the dentist today (boo) but when I get home from work J is working so I can putter away and do a bunch of painting and finishing up in the bathrooms to finish up the little details. Hope you all had a lovely evening too. :)

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