the bees knees

Well. What a weekend.

The 1920's party was the bees knees. Amazing electroswing music all night and nearly 200 people all dressed in 1920s style dancing away. I danced the charleston - I totally get why people did it - it makes the fringe on your dress fly all over the place :) A great time with great people. SO much fun.

It was a fun road trip down with friends. J stayed for another show saturday night and visited with them and I took the 8 am bus back to Saskatoon to work with Dad again. I was so tired, but it was worth it.

Dad and I slaved away on the bathroom all weekend. Saturday was frustrating because we put the vanity in wiht the sink and faucet only to find the faucet didn't work once it was we had to take that all apart. BUT everything else is done - the bathtub and shower are done and sealed. I used the shower this morning and it is awesome. Other than the faucet that still needs installing and some sanding and painting and silicone in a few spots we are done. I should be able to finish up all the little trimmy bits and other things over the next week and get them done. All the holes are patched and primed and it's come together SO nicely. I have a whole week to finish up all the little details before my surgery. It's not pink and it's clean and slick and so very nice. Having a working shower again is's been a whole week without one. After all my raking I plan to have a nice hot bath with some epsom salts and a glass of will be GLORIOUS. Photos when it's all done - definitely.

I could workout today thankfully. Slept in a bit because I was tired from all this crazy working and did the Level 2 of the 30 Day Shred. Tonight I need to rake the yard - it still hasn't snowed but I've been obsessed with the bathroom renos so the yard has been ignored. Tonight and tomorrow I should be able to get all the leaves in before it snows later this week.

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