Where we're going we don't need roads

I got to visit my brother last night. It was a good visit with much tea. I was so tired I was home and in bed by 9:30 though. Some days just poop me right out.  I feel much better today. Today is Back to the Future day - you know, the day Marty McFly and Doc went to in the future with the delorian? Tonight we're gathering with friends to watch the first 2 movies. It should be a hoot. I loved those films. It'll be funny to see just what we're supposed to be wearing in the future right now hee hee.

This morning was another workout -Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs again. I did the ab workout first and it was a lot better - I was able to do more because I wasn't so utterly pooped from the cardio. I feel very good now. I'm pleased to be keeping up with all of this. It's nice to make appointments with myself and keep them. Why stand yourself up - you're worth it :)

PS- in the world of science we are up to 10 flies for me and 11 for J. It's a tie. Not enough flies for statistical analysis either. What's a nerd to do?? I project years of studies to reach a conclusion...do we know how to have fun or what? :P

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Yum Yucky said...

I never get tired of watching Back to the Future. A good laugh makes me so happy.