My tub arrived!
The lazy delivery person just plopped it on a pallet in my backyard and refused to bring it inside. Good thing it's not raining. We have no driveway or place for them to leave it so J did well to get him to bring it to the lawn and not leave it in the back alley by the car. The 2 of us have to carry it inside when I get home. Rediculous - it's acrylic so it's not like it's heavy. Free delivery comes with all the perks it seems...sure just leave a $1000 tub wherever you like, don't worry. Sheesh.
Now we're just waiting for the special drain attachment for the tub to make it a super deep soaker tub (19" deep! he heh) and we're ready to go. This just might actually happen!! I was talking to my dad and he is still coming to do this in November, so once the drain comes all we need is to get a counter top from Rona for the vanity he is building us and some floor tiles. Shouldn't be too hard I hope. I'm hoping we have enough money left to swap out the light fixture in there too but we shall see. What was a tub replacement has turned into a super bathroom overhaul. Good...but pricey.
BUT! By this time next month after much labour and wierdness I will be able to have a bath. Squeeeee!

My dad is amazing. I cannot say how much he's helped me with the house already. We could not afford to do this without him doing all the labour - I and J will be his assistants and I can do most of the work but tubs and tub surrounds are a mystery to me. At 74 he is still able to do lots of things and with my help I'm hoping that this will go well. I don't even know how to thank him...

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Yum Yucky said...

Those delivery guys are jerk but your dad is the coolest!