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Somehow we've got fruit flies again. Not sure where they came from (I suspect the bananas I picked up the other day) but I want to get rid of them before they get outta hand. J and I always have a debate about what is the best way to trap them. I go by the old school method of cider vinegar with a bit of dish soap in a glass method covered with saran wrap with holes in it. J thinks the holes are too small for them to get in and I want them smaller so they don't get out after they go in. He sneaks in and makes the holes bigger. I rant. His theory is they just need to get in there to drown, no fancy cover needed. the interests of science we've done a comparison: one glass set up with plastic wrap and one without.
classy fly traps is how we roll here at Casa Neufeldo

So far, J is leading by 1 fly. 6 in mine as of this morning. That may be most of the flies tho so we'll have to call it a tie. I figure mine caught the ninja flies and he got the dumb ones. Together we have won :).

I did my Insanity workout this morning again. It's tough, but I got it done. I was tired from being up late last night watching the election results roll in. It was a really pivotal election this time here in Canada. The country was crying out for a change. Although I'm not a big Liberal Party supporter I have to say I am so glad that the Conservative leadership of my country is over. In the last 10 years they have done more damage to Canada in so many areas...they were changing the Canada I love into something else. Slashing protection of natural habitat, scientific endeavors, breeding racism with changed immigration/terrorism laws, Bill C-51 that impinges on our chartered rights and freedoms and taking us into wars that we should have no part in...just to name a few things. I'm normally not very political but I was getting to be in the last while. I hope that things will improve with new leadership. I live in the conservative voting part of the country and unfortunately my candidate didn't get elected, but I am most proud that the voter turnout this year was the highest it's been in decades. People made their voice heard. It's reassuring to see that democracy can work for a change.

It'll also be reassuring to get back to non-political posts on my Facebook feed again too ;)


solarity said…
You don't use the paper cone method? It's all we use around here.
Here's hoping you don't need to run any more test.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

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