What a weekend

It's a chilly morning...about -4. My right front shoulder and pectoral were sore yesterday so instead of doing insanity this morning I decided to go out for a run instead. I must say - Insanity has definitely got my cardio stamina ramped up. I could run my old route no problem - 4 times of run 8 minutes and walk 2 minutes, stopping for breaks at the weir and turning around at the Mendel gallery. As I ran the fog was rising off the river and the sun was creeping up and I couldn't believe that after all I've been through I'm right back here...out running in the dark and loving it still. I think the total run is about 4 or 4.5Km. It felt great to be out. Ran to an old Sound of Trance podcast and had a nice stretch out after. The podcast had tracks like Unprepared...that make me run and feel alive. It felt wonderful to be out again. I need ot do it more often before it gets too cold to be out. :)

This weekend was glorious as well. Friday we had a great meal out with friends at a Burmese place. We watched a few more Doctor Who episodes...getting caught up on this season. Having an AppleTV is great - we can stream our music all over the house now and we can just buy the season of Doctor Who and watch it like normal people again. I also got my flu shot and we had a great meal at J's parents place...painted pumpkins with my nieces (mine is Wonder Woman dontcha know) and ate a lot of rice pudding and drank a lot of horchata. Mmmm...
Sunday we went to the library and I went ingredient hunting so I could make some palak paneer and chapatis and we relaxed and read books and coloured the local radio station's adult colouring contest (the prize is free beer for a year - I've gotta try!). Mellow day. Much relaxing with my love. Perfect end to a weekend.

I also finished priming the wall shelf unit my Dad built ages ago - I am working to have it painted by the time he is here to do renos. I am quite embarrassed at the fact that it's taken me this long to do (he brought it here in the spring...ahem) but I need to have it finished so he can help us assemble it while he is here. The 3 bottom parts are already done and painted. I'm just working on the top bookshelf parts now. I have to get the paint shaken up and then I can get to the colour part. If I do a bit whenever I can from now on it should be done by then...I hope...because then when he comes I have to prime and paint the bathroom vanity he is building for us so I need to clear up the space to do that :)

Tonight - I am so excited - the Japanese live action film of the anime Attack on Titan is playing for one night only at the movie theatre. I really like this anime and was thinking I'd have to wait and just order the DVD off the internet...but I am happy to say have tickets for J and I for tonight for parts 1 & 2. I even finished sewing the patches onto my scout jacket yesterday (it was going to be my Attack ion Titan costume for Comic Expo but the patches didn't come in time) and plan to wear it and geek out tonight. As a side note - just FYI - sewing 4 large patches onto a leather jacket makes your fingers feel like you've been playing guitar for a week straight. Just saying.
Ah well...who cares :) Tonight's gonna be awesome :)

Also - and this is kinda big -I've taken a month off Facebook. I was spending all of my time there. WAY too much time. Bored? Go on Facebook.. Waiting for the elevator? Go on Facebook. Break at work? Go on Facebook. Something interesting happen? Take a photo and post it on Facebook. Ugh. I came to realize just how much I needed to disconnect from that. I need to reset my focus...to live in the now more. I need to be present and interact with people in the real world and stop wasting so very much time online doing essentially nothing. I have things to do. Books to read. Things to learn. I'm hoping this will reset my brain for a bit. I'm finding it almost like cutting out coffee...more of a challenge than I anticipated...which just confirms to me that it was a good idea.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I need to get to work. Have a fabulous day!


Yum Yucky said...

I am trying desperately to get into Doctor Who. Matthew loves it, though. I am still scarred from the 1970's version of that show.

Geosomin said...

He heh...J grew up watching the old series. I sort of had no choice in whether I watched the new show or not! Luckily I do enjoy it :)