New trainers!

So bright.
So warm.
Soooo precccioussssssss......

hee hee neon...
I knew my 3 year old Asics runners were pretty worn out but I didn't realize how much until I worked out this morning in the new Asics GT-2000 I bought yesterday. Same shoes...and a whole different workout today. Noticably softer bouncing with greater stability and cushioning. I could jump higher and land softer with better alignment. Comfy. I am very pleased. The fact that this time I could buy them in the most rediculously loud colours possible with reflective patterns is a huge bonus. I'm a neon freak. Last time it was white or white or white.Much better! J thinks they're hideous hee hee...

The workout went fine today and J and I were easily able to carry our new tub into the living room where it now lives for a while until it's installed. The drain just shipped today, so we should be golden for our renos. We did some measuring and have figured out how to get the sink and faucet in our new vanity. It's all starting to come together. Stress levels are fading. This just might work!

This weekend there is much to do. Get my flu shot. Go out for supper with friends. Early birthday supper with J's family. Some sewing and yardwork. It's gonna be glorious. :)
Have a groovy day all :)


Yum Yucky said…
I tend to keep my sneakers way too long, too. And then I try on a new pair and realize the abuse my feet had taken for years. lol!

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